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In-Wall Home Theater Speakers or Not?

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In-Wall Home Theater Speakers or Not?
For those of you who intend to invest in a home theater system, there are many considerations to weigh before making your purchase. Will you employ a front projection system or a flat panel display? Will it be a dedicated space of its own, or part of your living room? What type of speakers will deliver your entertainment? The list goes on…
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Features to look for in an AV Receiver

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Features to look for in an AV Receiver
An Audio/Video Receiver serves as the primary control center for your home theater, and possible some multi-room audio distribution as well. It performs all audio and video processing and switching, and provides power to your loudspeakers. Selecting the most appropriate AV Receiver for your needs can be tricky with as many products as are available in today’s market. Enhanced Home Systems has a few suggestions regarding what to consider when making such an important purchase
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