Selecting the Best Security System for Your Home

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Home security is a thriving consumer market precipitated by the need to keep your family and your property safe in an ever-changing world. Although life seemed largely uncomplicated and benign in the fictional community of Mayberry during the Andy Griffith Show, current reality stands in stark contrast to this blissful narrative.

5 Considerations you Need to Make When Planning Multi-Room Audio

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Planning a whole house or multi-room music system can be fun—but it’s also quite an elaborate process! It requires that many specific determinations be made in advance of buying equipment. Plus, you’ll need to make some complex decisions regarding your personal needs and what exactly you’re looking to get out of such an extensive system.

How Enhanced Home Systems’ Service Approach Stands Out

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At Enhanced Home Systems, we understand that our clients live in the real world, with different expectations and levels of proficiency with technology. With this in mind, unlike many other home automation and home security pros, we offer customizable services that can be tailored specifically to what a given homeowner needs. Below you’ll learn about the three overarching categories that describe what we do so that you can pick one that’s perfect for your setup and circumstances.

Does a Smart Home Save Money?

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It’s no secret that a smart home does require an up-front investment. It is quite the sophisticated piece of technology, after all! Despite the fact that smart homes are simple and intuitive to control, the complex networking that’s required to make them as such means that they require specialized help to install.

Top Home Automation Solutions for the Eco-Conscious Household

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“Green” is more than a color or an environmental sentiment—it’s a lifestyle. If your family is committed to saving the planet, you’ll need to take steps to do so every day, be that through reusable straws or taking your bikes to work and school. One easy way to show you care for the planet: home automation! Though it may at first seem counterintuitive—home automation uses energy, after all—the applications of this tech can actually end up cutting your energy usage in the long run.

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