Top Three Smart Home Technologies to Keep Your Home Toasty This Winter

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With colder weather on the horizon, it’s only natural that many Minnesotan families are thinking about how to keep their homes warm. Even if your house is normally pretty darn toasty, reducing your energy expenditures is always a plus, especially if it’s by doing something as simple as caulking a window.

Three Ways to Customize Your Alarm System

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Because different families require different features to stay safe and comfortable, such systems have morphed and changed to become glove-like fits for specific needs. A family with toddlers, for example, needs technology which can stop their alarm from being mistakenly disabled, while one that is away from home might benefit from home security cameras worked into an alarm system.

How to Use Your Smart Thermostat to Stay Cool This Summer

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If you’re one of the growing number of families that has a smart thermostat, your household is probably overjoyed that you made the investment when this time of year rolls around. With temperature controls at your fingertips, you can control the ambiance of your home from afar, thus always keeping it cool when you need it.

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