Three Reasons Why Home Automation Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

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Thank goodness we’ve reached 2021! If you’re like many American families, the urge to make New Year's resolutions this time around, when the year before was so chaotic, is stronger than ever. Fitness, family, career – resolutions in those areas of your life are pretty common. But what about your home?

How to Know When You’ll Need a Low-Voltage Electrician

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If you use this sort of power in any way, shape, or form – especially if you own a home security system or a home automation system – you’ll need to learn a little bit about home electricians, if you haven’t already. Take it from the crew of electricians at Enhanced Home Systems: You won’t regret it!

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Backup Generators

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Many people, when they hear the word “generator,” think of a machine straight out of a science fiction novel—or, if they’re of the outdoorsy type, the real-world versions used for camping might come to mind. But as generator electricians ourselves, we at Enhanced Home Systems know that generators are so much more than fictional follies or camping conveniences. They’re versatile and reliable devices that can save any homeowner in a pinch. We believe that they’re at home, well, in anybody’s home!

When is Cord-Cutting Right for Me?

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To “cut the cord” is a phrase we often hear when it comes to ending commitments of any sort, but it carries a specific meaning in the cable service industry that has only a little to do with its conventional connotation. Indeed, cord-cutting in the cable-sense has much more to do with saving money and simplifying your life than completely ending your relationship with your current cable company and never looking back. It’s something that can drastically improve your relationship with your home’s media system while simultaneously costing you less than traditional cable packages.

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