The Ultimate Game Room

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Video games are not just for kids any more. We remember the early days of gaming with systems that seemed amazing in their day, with players and objects comprised of lines, dots or blocks, dichromatic color graphics (later developing into three or more colors), and the entire game play occurring on one ‘fixed’ screen.

Planning for Spring with Outdoor Audio

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Home audio equipment in some form or another is owned by a great number of people. Ranging from basic 2-channel stereo systems to multi-thousand dollar AV entertainment hubs, we like our music and movies! But great sound should not be limited only to interior spaces. The great outdoors offer a host of entertainment possibilities – gatherings of friends and family, 

What Type of Speakers Should You Buy?

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The consumer entertainment market is overflowing with choices. A range of equipment is available from department stores to ‘big box’ electronics retailers to specialty boutiques that practically charge a cover to enter the store. Prices vary from the low-budget all-in-one home theater for a few hundred dollars to single components ranging in the many thousands of dollars. 


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