Flat Panel Display or Front Projection?

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Although there are some UHD flat panel displays up to 110” in size, the common average runs in the 46” to 65” size. In most cases, the Home Theater resides in a dual purpose space, namely your living room. With the exception of purpose-built theater rooms, your equipment and display must inhabit the same area as your furniture, décor and family members.

Selecting the Best Security System for Your Home

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Home security is a thriving consumer market precipitated by the need to keep your family and your property safe in an ever-changing world. Although life seemed largely uncomplicated and benign in the fictional community of Mayberry during the Andy Griffith Show, current reality stands in stark contrast to this blissful narrative.

Can Home Automation Work if Your Home was not Wired for It?

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One look around some of today’s technologically savvy homes may leave you inspired, but also make you question the feasibility of having such a system yourself. When a new home is built with the intent of being a ‘smart home’, many of the prerequisite elements are addressed during construction.

What Makes Enhanced Home Systems Exceptional in our Line of Work?

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Since our founding in 1989, as many custom electronics retailers busied themselves about their various concerns, Enhanced Home Systems studied our markets and our profession, perhaps not unlike how a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm in a drop of water. 


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