The Perfect Sound of Paradigm

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Since the company’s genesis in 1982, Paradigm loudspeakers have served as an example of what truly refined sound reproduction should be. The company’s 250,000 square foot headquarters just outside Toronto, Canada, serves as the design, engineering and manufacturing facility for these world-class loudspeakers.

Our Unique Customer Service Approach

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With the multitude of choices consumers have in home electronics equipment today, there are also several schools of thought on the related services. Your local big-box discount retailer may have countless aisles of product with shelf tags of specifications and features for each, but you might find yourself trying to decipher them alone. 

Take the Fun Outside with SunBriteTV

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SunBriteTV is based in Thousand Oaks, California, and is a US manufacturer that produces the only televisions in the world that are specifically engineered from the ground up for use in the outdoors. These all-weather outdoor LCD TVs deliver amazing brightness and contrast, and are impervious to the effects of rain, extreme temperatures and UV interference from sunlight. 

Control4 Can Be The "Operating System" For Your Home

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Control4 develops smart home automation systems that control lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and other connected devices in your home. Founded in 2003, Control4 debuted at the CEDIA 2004 home technology trade show and released its first products later that year, becoming a leading force in the home automation industry shortly thereafter.

Runco Offers The World’s Finest Home Theater Products

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For over twenty years, Runco International, Inc. has been a leading name in the home theater market and is credited with creating an industry where none existed. Founded by Sam Runco and his wife Lori in northern California in 1987, he later became a founding member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) and has received numerous recognitions for his contributions to the home theater industry over the years.


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