The Difference in Buying a Home Theater System From Us vs. Amazon

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The convenience of online shopping is definitely an attractive option. You find what you need from a trusted retailer like Amazon or others, add it to your cart, enter your payment information, and several days later the product sits on your doorstep. No matter the weather – no need for a drive – all of this can take place from the comfort of your home. 

How Large Does my Home Theater Need to Be?

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Although many will deny it, various social trends tend to validate the “bigger is better” frame of mind. Bigger airplanes, larger SUVs, taller buildings, Super-Sized fries – we seem to subconsciously gravitate toward the next improvement, the upgrade from what is readily available, and the more impressive version of whatever is being considered. T

How to Best Use your Outdoor Speaker System

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Outdoor speakers, much like those we use inside, are meant to deliver your audio as precisely as possible. Actually, they often have to work harder at doing so as they are in an imperfect acoustic environment. In a room, loudspeakers can be optimized for the size and geometry of a confined space, and their sound can be tuned to operate effectively within that space. 

Positioning Speakers for Optimal Sound

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Stereo Once you have selected the room in which your 2-channel stereo will operate and you have a set of speakers, you must determine the best place to put them. Many people will simply find the most suitable wall or furniture space that will accommodate the speakers, and consider it done. But there is a way to get the best sound possible if you observe a few basic rules.


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