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Achieve effortless, precise climate control and hands-off home protection with smart thermostats and smoke detectors from Enhanced Home Systems. Say farewell to the days of manual climate control adjustments and clunky smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With our advanced, automated thermostats and smart smoke detectors, total control is yours with just a touch. Whether you want hands-off voice command or prefer remote smartphone control, at Enhanced Home Systems, we can make your vision a reality.

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?

Here’s a better question: why not choose a smart thermostat?

Smart climate control allows you to achieve effortless regulation of your home’s climate with just the touch of a button, a simple voice command, or via a number of fully programmable, pre-set parameters. Automated climate control even employs advanced machine learning to master your household patterns, allowing it to self-adjust accordingly. Household activity levels, exterior temperature, and even your proximity to your property can trigger automatic temperature adjustments designed to keep your home comfortable at all times.

Never again will you arrive home to a frigid entryway on a chilly evening or find yourself sweat-drenched, mid-snooze. A smart thermostat takes the guesswork out of precision climate control.

  • On-Demand, Voice-Activated Adjustments
    Want to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your couch? Go ahead, say it’s so. Voice command gives you effortless control over your home’s climate, from any room, at any time. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the speaker can hear you, but since you likely have your phone in-hand at all times, you can simply tell it to relay the message.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
    Heading home after a long day at work? Want a nice, warm greeting when you walk in the door? With smartphone control at your fingertips, you can adjust your in-home climate from the office, from your vehicle, at a dinner party – even on vacation. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, as long as your phone is within reach, precision temperature control is yours. If you own a vacation home, remote thermostat control is especially useful for preparing a comfortable, welcoming environment before you ever set foot inside.
  • Intuitive, Automated Adjustments
    Smart thermostats learn your home’s energy profile, monitor weather changes, sense occupancy status, and even detect your proximity to your property while you’re away. By using this data, automated climate control intuitively adjusts to provide you with maximum comfort at all times. An extra perk of automated climate control is substantial energy cost savings—up to 23 percent annually. Not only will you save some green, but by reducing unnecessary energy expenditure, you get to be eco-green, too.
  • Programmable, Pre-Set Controls
    Select a programmable mode for fully customizable climate control. Whether you want your air to automatically turn down at a specific time, or you’d like to program pre-set parameters to save on annual heating and cooling costs, command your climate through one convenient, centralized hub.
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Auto Alerts
    With round-the-clock climate monitoring, you’ll always be aware of temperature shifts in your home. Smart alerts notify you of drastic temperature changes or unusual temperature fluctuations to keep you well-informed at all times.
  • Are you guilty of forgetting to replace your HVAC filters? Not anymore. With a smart thermostat install, your system can send you reminders when it’s time to pick up a new filter. Not only does automation keep your system more efficient, but it helps keep your indoor air quality in peak condition, too.

At Enhanced Home Systems, we can fully integrate your smart thermostat with your home automation control systems for seamless, convenient operation. From one central hub, you can manage indoor temperature, control entertainment, and adjust lighting for the ultimate luxury living experience.

Why Choose a Smart Smoke Detector?

Do you want the best protection for your home and family? Need we say more?

Smart smoke detectors detect more than just smoke – they alert you to potentially fatal carbon monoxide levels, too. With 24/7 monitoring and remote alerts, you’ll always be in-the-know when it comes to the air quality in your home. In the event of a fire, your 24/7 professional monitoring service will immediately spring into action, dispatching the appropriate emergency services promptly. You’ll also receive an immediate notification, allowing you to respond to the situation, even if you’re away from home. Remote monitoring can literally mean the difference between saving your home and losing one of your most valuable possessions.

Fully Integrable for Superior Protection

For enhanced safety and protection, your smart smoke detector is fully integrable with your home’s automated control system. When the system detects dangerous smoke levels, it can shut down your HVAC system to prevent hazardous smoke from entering your ductwork. Immediate, automated lighting illumination provides a clear pathway to safety, while your connected security cameras give you a full picture of the situation, even if you’re away from home.

When your smart smoke detector is part of a fully integrated, wired automation control system, it delivers maximum protection and security for the most important things in your life: your home and family. Keep in mind that if your systems rely on a wireless-only connection, you’re putting your loved ones and property at risk.

If your wireless cuts out, how can your system detect hazards?

Wired systems offer unmatched reliability, superior responsiveness, and remarkable ease of use. With all of your automation features linked in one central hub, you achieve state-of-the-art protection and emergency assistance when you need it most.

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