Home Networking

Home Network Installers: Wiring & Setup

women looking at cell phone using the wifi stirring coffee

A strong home network is the backbone of your internet connectivity, and is also the communication highway that other systems, such as home automation or lighting control, require.   Devices such as printers, smartphones, tablets, video games, TV's, blurays, and many other devices often become more powerful and capable when given the ability to interact.

Additional capacity can be used to increase the quality of life inside your home in a variety of ways, such as automation of repetitious tasks, and easier access to entertainment.  Log into your home security system remotely when on vacation, cue up music and movies from anywhere in your home, or program you lights to respond to occupancy or movement.  As TVs, home audio components and video game consoles become ‘smarter’, you will discover added conveniences provided by a solid home network system over time.

At Enhanced Home Systems, we offer many of the top networking brands in the industry, including Netgear, Luxul, Packedge, Araknis, EERO and Ruckus.  We have selected these brands for many reasons, the most crucial being speed and reliability.  We will help design and deploy network setup solutions that provide seamless operation of whichever systems you decide to utilize in your home or business.  Our experience in cutting edge industry computing and consumer electronics platforms enables us to future-proof your home for all that is yet to come.