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Get Help Maintaining Your Home

Do you want help maintaining your house as good or better than anyone else (you)?

Do you want the maintenance to be consistent and done when it’s supposed to be done? And not after tiny trees are growing in your gutters, or dirty filters are causing your sneezing to act up.

There are many reasons people need help with proper maintenance of their home:

  • Too busy to keep up with primary home
  • Have a 2nd home or cabin
  • Winter down south, or travel and gone for a few months
  • Not knowledgeable or don’t care to take the time.
Home Maintenance

House Checkup Can Offer a Hand

For $199

  • We visit your house and do a complete inventory and inspection of HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural systems and more.
  • At the end of the Visit, a report will highlight things that might need attention. It will also give you our price for quarterly maintenance that we would provide to keep your house running smoothly.

You will have access to a report that’s not static. The data collected from this report and subsequent visits is stored on our secure portal. You have access to this 24/7. We use this data in numerous ways. We scan for important related information such as recalls, or potential issues with each appliance or device. We use it to send timely reminders on seasonal items that need attention, and to expedite 3rd party response time.

This data will also increase your home's value by showing that it was well maintained.

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Consider Us Your Personal Home Maintenance Team

After the complete audit of your home during our One Timer visit, we craft a comprehensive HouseCheckup maintenance plan specific to your house. Our Quarterly Visits carry out those specific plans. Should something fall outside our scope of work, we have a trusted 3rd party network you can rely on to complete anything that arises.

Going beyond the quarterly visits, we also offer a 24/7/365 monitoring package. This allows you and House Checkup to be notified immediately of issues that might arise and HC can act quickly. Monitor your water main for any burst pipes, or your sump pump for failures. We can also monitor appliances, HVAC, smoke and security devices, and a lot more.

Use House Checkup as your trusted source to unify your home maintenance needs.

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How Our Plans Compare

One Timer Annual 1/4ly Visits Annual 24/7 Comprehensive

Audit and Report

Appliance Audit
Mechanical Audit
Plumbing Audit
Electrical Audit
Structural Audit
Cosmetic Audit
Exterior Audit
Report Given
Portal $5/mnth

Technician To Your Home

Mechanical Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Structural Maintenance
Reporting on Other Maintenance

Monitoring of Property 24/7 For Issues

24/7 of Appliances
24/7 of Mech, Plumn, Elect
24/7 uptime of Network-wi fi
24/7 of AV Systems
Remote Triage As Needed
Site Visit As Needed

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